Thursday, May 5, 2011

You're my obsession: Louis Vuitton

Remember when there was that one toy you wanted but you knew your parents never, ever would get you because it cost way too much?  Like the GI Joe aircraft carrier or the Lego pirate ship or the Barbie dream house?  You were too old to believe in Santa Claus, but you were desperately hoping somehow you could magically get the $100 or $200 it would take to get the ultimate dream toy, and your allowance was 50 cents a week.  Maybe if you saved your entire allowance for a year, and got all straight A's AND combined your birthday and Christmas presents, maybe then it would be yours.

This is how I feel about Louis Vuitton. 

I recently got the LV bug when I used my tax return money to buy this a few weeks ago.

And THEN I had enough store credit at my favorite consignment store to get these for FREE...

They are ridiculously cute, and match the scarf SOOOO well.  I'm completely thrilled with my little set.  However, suddenly I was turned onto this new brand, and all the Scottsdale ladies tromping about with their hair and their boobs and their real Louis Vuittons are not helping.  And then as I was researching Vuitton and all its fabulousness, I find THIS picture:

Wait, AUDREY HEPBURN had a Vuitton Speedy?!?!?! That does it.  I need me one of these bags. 

Louis Vuitton, however, is no Coach or Dooney.  There are not ones regularly selling for under $40 in ANY condition.  Even the FAKE ones usually go for over $100.  And I don't do fakes.  BUT....I will do a tribute.  So, I busted out my laundry safe markers, some blank canvas bags, and got to work.  Here are my fill in Vuittons for now.
They came out surprisingly well! So, for now I'll have to stuff everything I own in these beauties, and, then if I follow my own advice really well all year long, maybe, just maybe, I'll get an actual one late in the year.

It's good to have a goal anyway.


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