Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What $100 will get you RIGHT NOW on the web - 10 NEW Designer items

As a kid, $20 was the ultimate attainable "big" amount you could save for a purchase.  You could get a really good toy with $20, but it probably took some saving.  As an adult, I find $100 is often the grown up version of the $20 you had to save for as a kid.  Enough to really do something with, and, although you had to work for it, it is still attainable.  

So, you have your benjamin in your wallet and aren't sure what to do.  You are going to blow this money on yourself and get something NICE.  But since a new Coach bag costs $300, where to start?  Here are some  luxury items you can get for $100 or a bit less.  It won't be as big of a bang for your buck as buying used, but sometimes you want something current, shiny, and NEW.  And you get the thrill of wasting your money on something ridiculously awesome.  (My personal favorite is the Tiffany's Necklace).

#1 Large Coach Wristlets  $98
Coach makes a variety of items in the "accessories" category, and recently they've been making these large wristlets that the strap will also clip to the other end of the bag, turning it into a little purse.  So, you get a little Coach bag for $98.  (Before taxes of course)

Coach Wristlet Page - try not to drool too much.

#2 THIS Tiffany Necklace  $100
What's not to love about Tiffany's??  Audrey Hepburn, shiny silver, the little blue boxes....sigh.  Right now, Tiffany has a good selection of items hovering at the $100 mark. This necklace is adorable, although the hearts are VERY SMALL in person (maybe a quarter of an inch tall and wide).  The best thing about this necklace is that you get TWO mini charms on it, it has the Tiffany's logo, and it's one of their rare jewelry items that has their famous BLUE on it.  A perfect first Tiffany's item. 

See the Tiffany's necklace HERE....try not to squeal too loudly.

#3 Dooney & Bourke clear logo tote bag $60
Dooney and Bourke is a great designer and has fairly sensibly priced items.  This tote is new for spring, comes in 4 colors, and is only $60.  It's a clear plastic with their DB logo on it, so it's a pretty good go anywhere bag that you can even take to the beach.

Buy the Dooney bag here

#4 Burberry's heart shaped coin purse $95
 I couldn't find an exact picture of the coin purse currently for sale under $100, but this one is close.  The coin purse on the Burberry website is heart shaped, features their famous plaid, and is trimmed in cranberry patent leather with a looped zipper pull.  While not the best use of $100 as far as function goes, it's something on the Burberry website that's actually under $100, which is almost impossible to find.  And it's very cute.

Get the little coin purse here

#5 Tory Burch Robinson slim card case $85
 While small, this little wallet has several card slots, is made of leather, and features the large Tory Burch logo in gold.  Tory Burch continues to be super hot and is making a name for herself as America's favorite designer in the "mid" price range (although I consider her in the "high" price range).

The Card Case is Here.

#6 Longchamp's small Le Pliage bag $98

Longchamp's Le Pliages line continues to be wildly popular, and comes in a rainbow of colors. Their smallest bags are deep enough that you can still easily stuff all your necessities in there.  And, if you have $125, you can get their medium sized tote, which is probably my favorite Longchamp item.

View the Pliage line here

#7 Gucci's heart cell phone strap $80

Ok, again, not the best use of $100, but hey, it's GUCCI.  And there's precious little you can get NEW at Gucci for $100.  And it's actually really cute.

See the cell phone strap here

#8 Kate Spade logo Bon Shopper tote bag - on sale for $87, reduced from $175
Some designers NEVER do sales on their websites (Coach, Louis Vuitton, Gucci...), but other designers regularly have sales.  Kate Spade cuts prices more drastically on new items than almost any other.  This bag is new, adorable, and at half its original price right now.

See the adorable tote bag here

#9 Michael Kors Tie Dye crossbody bag - $90 on sale from $128
Most of us know Michael Kors as one of the Project Runway judges, but he's actually quite a prolific designer, and for whatever reason always seems to fly just under the radar as far as name recognition goes with the general public.  His style is quite chic, somewhere between Calvin Klein and Tory Burch.  Very American.  This cute bag is $90 on sale right now.
Get it here.

#10 Coach's Madison Small wallet $98

 I have a version of this wallet, and I LOVE it.  It's perfect.  It's compact, adorable and SO very Coach.  It snaps shut but doesn't have latches to fuss with, has an ID slot, several card slots, and a place to hold money.  It even has a back zippered change pocket.  It has everything a wallet needs and is smaller and more compact than almost any I've ever had.  AND it fits well into all my little wristlets that I'm always taking in and out of my diaper bags.

Coach's small wallet page is here

While not all practical, hopefully there's something here to suit your taste.  Or something to start saving for...


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